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The company Sony has announced that they would be releasing a new handheld console by the end of the year. Known as the PlayStation Vita, this amazing product would kick start a new generation of handheld products and gaming consoles. Sony has announced the new features for the PS Vita which is quite impressive. When faced with both the Sony PSP and 3DS, the PlayStation Vita would still beat the competition. The first comparison for the SONY PSV is its operating system. The PSV’s operating system is the new LiveArea OS which is compatible with 3G technology. The Nintendo 3DS uses Nintendo based OS while the PSP only uses the aging XrossMediaBar. Both of which do not have any 3G capabilities and limited connectivity features. Another bonus for the PSV is that is has one of the strongest handheld based GPU in the planet today. The PS Vita is equipped with 200 MHz SGX543MP4 GPU which is connected to a 4- Core ARM Cortex processor. Due to its processor, it can generate high resolution games without pixilation or breaking. Nintendo 3Ds only contains the PICA 200 which has a limited range of video capabilities while the PlayStation Vita is still quite as powerful.

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For screen resolution and capabilities, the PlayStation Vita is still superior in the handheld device market. It has 960x544 resolution and a powerful control protocol which both the PSP and Nintendo 3DS do not have. The PSP actually has limited resolution and User Interface and it can only be used through a series of control mechanisms. The controls for the SONY PSV and the Nintendo 3DS are actually similar. Users would be able to utilize several control modes including a dual analog thumb stick for the PSV and a one thumb pad for the Nintendo 3DS. They also have the accelerometer and gyroscope features which are not originally designed for the PSP. The motion sensors allow users to control the camera of the PS Vita by simply moving their hands on the screen. Users would also be able to tilt the PlayStation Vita device in order to change the output of the screen.  


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